Tom Tartaglino | fine artist | bio
As I concentrate on the scene before me, I am exposed to the intricacies of our natural world. Through close observation, I concentrate on the details, which not only make it realistic and truthful, but lead me to a greater understanding of the living things before me. Besides depicting the physical aspect of my subject, the painting will have a mood and psychology that we all identify with. I call it a psychological truth. It is at the center of my art.
— Tom Tartaglino

Tom's Bio

Born 1956 in Heidelburg, Germany.  Grew up in suburban Maryland, married and moved to Palmyra Virginia in 1979.  Bought a house in the country to raise vegetables and children before attending Virginia Commonwealth University, receiving a BFA in 1994.  Has worked as an artist since.




There is a realism about today that I am especially interested.   My attempt is to paint through realism the psychological truth of my subjects or some form there of.  It’s a tricky course and very challenging, but one gets to be a good observer this way.  There is much to paint.