Tanya Broderick | fine artist | bio
I have always loved the beauty of God’s creation, which inspired me to paint. I just want to capture that beauty and share with others.
— Tanya Broderick

TAnya's Bio

Tanya Broderick was born in Russia and moved to Ukraine where she earned her master's degree in geophysics engineering. She worked in Kiev as a fashion designer for several years creating custom knitworks for a select group of clients. After meeting her now-husband, John, Tanya and her daughter, Masha, moved to Charlottesville, Virginia.

Tanya began painting in early 2010, without formal art training, and she credits God with her natural talents and her ability to capture minute details of a given scene. Tanya's passion for creating beautiful artworks drives her to continuously develop her skills as an artist.

Tanya's art has been featured in galleries within Virginia. Her art has received awards along the way as she participates in art shows and other events throughout Virginia.

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