Susan Egbert | fine artist | bio
I am a lover of jigsaw puzzles. When I look at a piece of raw glass, I often see it as a piece of an unknown puzzle. The glass gives me clues, ideas, to where it belongs – that is, what other colors, patterns and shapes should be tied to it? Many projects are inspired by what one piece of glass reveals to me in this way.
— Karla Rodgers

About Renegade Art Glass


Karla started taking stained glass lessons when, after moving into a new house, she wanted to replace the front door’s sidelight.  Rather than paying someone else to do it or using faux stained glass stickers from a craft store, Andy encouraged her to learn how to make the real thing.   Once she started, she never stopped!

After working in a commercial studio and teaching classes for a number of years, Karla launched Renegade Art Glass in collaboration with her husband and children. After operating in Austin, Texas, Karla and Andy moved Renegade to Lexington, Virginia in 2012.

Karla’s passion is using glass to create works of art and functional glassware.  She enjoys both the intentional design of leaded stained glass and the serendipitous creation possible with kiln formed glass.  She loves working with customers to help turn their vision into the reality of glass.


An engineer and manager in high tech for 25 years, Andy now works part time in various roles at Renegade. He enjoys all aspects of this small business, but is particularly engaged in Renegade’s digital photo printing business and in product development of lighting products.