Nan Mahone Wellborn | fine artist | bio
A painting is an opportunity to explore something new. A new subject matter, a new color or technique.  That’s one of the things I love about plein air and painting from life, the experience will be different and exciting every time.
— Maria Reardon

Maria's Bio

Maria Reardon paints the world around her. Working primarily in pastels, she loves being outdoors, immersed in the world, observing and experiencing everything going on around her. She's drawn to the unique and ever-changing relationships of form and color. She is intrigued by the unexpected combinations of light and color which characterize her work, while working within the confines of physical forms and the spaces they inhabit

Maria is a Virginia native and received her formal education from Virginia Commonwealth University earning a Bachelor’s of Fine Art in illustration. She studied portraiture with Daniel Greene and continued her study of landscape by attending workshops with Albert Handell, Lorenzo Chavez and other nationally known artists. Her work has been exhibited throughout the Richmond area and is in private collections. 

Although she lives primarily in Richmond, she does have a getaway home in Goshen. With strong family ties to Virginia Military Institute, including two sons who graduated from VMI a few years back, you will often find local Lexington themes in her work.