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... I can see a common thread in all of my work. I paint what I like.
— Laura Loe

Laura's Bio

I have been a professional artist since 1996. I am an oil painter who paints both abstract and representational paintings, bringing the same approach to both styles with a vibrant pallet and direct paint handling.

I currently live in Richmond, Virginia, but grew up in Shreveport, Louisiana and graduated with a BFA from Louisiana Tech University in 1988. I freely admit that I was not a prodigy and years and years of painting prolifically have been the sole reason for any and all success I have had. I taught at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts for a decade from 1998-2008 and have run the Nimrod Hall Summer Arts Program for Artists since 1997. During this time I married the wonderfully supportive Will Loving, of Culpeper, Virginia, and we had three children. The children made being an artist especially challenging but has provided my artwork with the whimsical feeling that having children around provides. They are my most sneaky muse, appearing in artwork, even when not invited. Not many artists, currently, and in history had multiple children, and I can understand why this is the case. It is hard to do both, raise children and make art, and doing them concurrently can be a juggling act.

Laura Loe at work

Laura Loe at work

Many people struggle to label and pinpoint my approach to art, and I have been accused of not having a specific style, but after almost 30 years of painting, I can see a common thread in all of my work. I paint what I like. To me they do all look the same.

I have a good friend who is a talented and amazing artist who had a gallery owner question why her art had changed. It was different than it had been the previous viewing, and it was her answer that I loved. She simply said, “Well my heart is still beating so I guess I am going to change”, I think that is the perfect answer. I look forward to seeing my work in the next 30 years, and how it progresses.


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