Jordan Flower | fine artist | bio
To me, art is about creating something that makes people stop and look more closely, question, and pay attention to something that they may, in another time or place, overlook.
— Jordan Flower

Jordan's Bio

Jordan Flower was born in Keflavik, Iceland, to a military family.  Like many military families, he moved frequently, allowing him to experience living throughout the US, including Upstate New York, Rhode Island, California and the Pacific Northwest

His mother nurtured his love of the arts from an early age, which eventually led him to pursue a career in the arts. A Graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University, Jordan is in his tenth year as an elementary school art teacher and remains active in the art community as a producer of fine art.

 Jordan’s work focuses on the interaction of man and nature, with special interest paid to the play of light and shadow.  His work is primarily representational, with a nod to impressionism.  He works in acrylic and incorporates a unique layering technique in order to bring forth dimension and brightness to each painting.