Dick Fowlkes | Fine Artist | bio
Expose the eyes to an object and let the brain lead you to create what you see, smell and feel.
— Dick Fowlkes

Dick's Bio

As you may know, my paintings are all about color. At nine years old, I was diagnosed with dyslexia and I was learning in a totally different way than the “norm”. I learned by sight, smell and sound. Do not give me a book,  I have learned, give me a paint brush and let me express myself. I consider my “Dickslexia” as I always thought was all my own, as a gift and talent. Expose the eyes to an object and let the brain lead you to create what you see, smell and feel. The smell of oil paint is drug for me and painting may be my best form of relaxation. I have never cared what anyone thinks of my works, as long as it makes me happy.

Dick Fowlkes

Dick Fowlkes

Nimrod Hall Arts Program  -Many seasons painting with Laura Loe and hundreds of talented artist and where I learned to apply paint to a canvas and so much about color.

VMFA – Night Arts Classes with Laura Loe. Laura’s paintings started me collecting art. She is the one who kick started me into painting at Nimrod Hall. 

Warm Springs Gallery Class – Painted with Henry Issacs in a four day Plein Air class and learned so much about mediums and the use of non cadmium paints. One of my favorite artists.

Andy Bality – Fortunate enough to be a student and friend of Andy Bality who I feel I have learned so much great painting information. His kind and thoughtful ways make painting a real pleasure. A great artist.

Jane Joyner- Holds a Monday Night Class for painters. Jane has an excellent way of moving your thoughts and skills in the right direction to help create a great work of art.


Nimrod Hall Artist Shows, Richmond, VA

Sterling Gallery , Richmond, VA

Old South Antiques Gallery, Brownsburg, VA

Bon Air Artist Show, Richmond, VA


Peter-Blair Store, Richmond, VA

Kendall Home Gallery, Lexington, VA

Serendip Gallery, Norfolk, VA