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What I did was make a dividing line between one side of my life and the other. I wanted to be an artist, no more distractions.
— Christopher Wynn via "Escape Artist" by Sarah A. Strickley

Christopher's Bio

Christopher majored in fine art at the University of Washington, Seattle, and the University of California Berkeley, where he graduated with a B.S.. Further art studies include Otis Parsons and Santa Monica JC, and Foothill JC in Los Altos, CA.

After graduating, he worked for years as an art director and creative director for numerous corporations and advertising agencies on the West Coast. In 1992 he began and produced artwork and campaigns for many of Silicon Valley's largest and most successful companies.

In 2005 and 2006, Christopher circumvented the globe solo for seven months to paint watercolors plein aire in over 24 countries.

Christopher Wynn - Live Demonstration

Christopher Wynn - Live Demonstration

Currently, his watercolors are represented by a number of art galleries and art venues on the East and West Coast, and in and around Richmond, Virginia in particular.  He has won well over 60 National and International Awards for both his design and fine art. 

Christopher is a member of numerous professional organizations, including:

A Signature member of the Baltimore Watercolor Society, the Virginia Watercolor Society, the Philadelphia Watercolor Society, the Alabama Watercolor, and recently, the Missouri Watercolor Society.

Further Memberships in:

National Watercolor Society
American Watercolor Society
Transparent Watercolor Society of America
The American Artists Professional League, NYC
Southern Watercolor Society

Virginia Watercolor Society
Philadelphia Watercolor Society
Watercolor West
Bon Air Artists Association

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