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New Artist: Lee Plevney


New Artist: Lee Plevney

One of our newest artists, Lee Plevney, uses "porcelain clay" in her truly unique pieces - fine ceramics that are true to the nature of the art that we love to share with our audience.

Quoting Lee directly:

"My artistic practice engages the Hawaiian Islands—its landscape, sea life, animals and people—as I explore a deep connection to my ohana, my family, through stoneware and porcelain clay.

As I work from within the rhythm of the islands, it is as if I am standing on my paddleboard, challenging my fear of the great waters surrounding me, dipping my paddle into the creative source, the ola ‘ana, and drawing up inspiration from the ocean below.  I shape and carve my world into vases, bowls and vessels.  Texture and movement arises unexpectedly, leaving behind a new story. 

I use a single fire technique to capture the movement of the ocean and lush green growth of the islands in my crystalline matte and sponge glazes.  With my glazes, I seek to reflect the beauty and the mystery of  the islands, from the dark lava, frozen in ancient flows, to the vibrant colors of the ocean and sea life, to the open spirit of aloha permeating the culture.

When complete, each piece will “talk story” about the Hawaiian world I experience."

We imagine that you will enjoy her as much as we do.

Here are 2 of our website links directly to her work:

- Lee Plevney bio page: Lee Plevney Artist

- Lee Plevney gallery: Lee Plevney Gallery