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The Thoughtful Gift For Your Sophisticated Loved Ones: The Gift Certificate

Gift Certificate Cabell Gallery

A Gift Certificate from an art gallery is a thoughtful way to honor the sophistication of your loved ones. At Cabell Gallery we have a wide variety of one of a kind items to personalize your friends' spaces at price points for any occasion. By giving a Gift Certificate from an art gallery you are acknowledging that person's choices of surrounding themselves with unique, quality items, and complimenting them by not making the choice for them.

One of a kind, handmade objects have never been more sought after, and people understand that bringing items into your home or office that were made with the creativity and execution of skilled artists elevates the quality of life of those that come into contact with them. Cabell Gallery has the beautiful paintings that you would expect to find, but so much more that you may not automatically think of. We have unique jewelery, conversational accent sculptures of all sizes made of glass, ceramics, lamps, furniture made from reclaimed industrial materials, and all of it illustrates elements of design that describes a little about it's owner.

The gift certificate is also appropriate for all ages; including younger people. Teenagers love to decorate their rooms to their personalities, and being given the choice of quality art is something that they can be proud of their choice throughout their lifetime (not so sure about that Bieber poster). They will remember that you gave them an opportunity to make an adult purchase and develop their style.

This can be done completely online, over the phone, or you can come in for a visit. Most of our inventory is on our website, although jewelery and some pieces sell so frequently that it's hard to keep up with the changes. Remember that all purchases online or in the gallery come with a 14 day review period where you can live with the piece, and if you aren't completely in love with it, return it for a full refund (our return policy is available on our website).