Tanya Broderick is truly interesting. She was born in Russia and moved to Ukraine where she earned her master's degree in geophysics engineering. She worked in Kiev as a fashion designer for several years creating custom knit–works for a select group of clients. After meeting her now-husband, John, Tanya and her daughter, Masha, moved to Charlottesville, Virginia. This alone would make for an interesting life, but there is more.

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In 2010 she started painting and with no formal training began to produce these astounding works of art. It's almost a modern folk art style but the fine detail is just incredible. Maybe it's the engineer in her that helps her reproduce nature and architecture with such precision. It would be very easy for one so skilled in accuracy to turn out a cold blue-print like reproduction. Tanya does not. The artist side of her takes the details and puts them in a painting filled with warmth and admiration. If you have the opportunity to come see her collection in July, don't miss it.

Appreciation and respect is what I see when Tanya shows me what she sees through her eyes. Whether it is a bird, a building, an animal, or one of her favorite subjects, the American flag, she fills it with that same emotion. Yes, her detail is beyond impressive, but her appreciation for what she's painting comes through so strong, you can't help but smile.    

See Tanya's work on our website cabellgallery.com