As our featured artist for June, this will be Sally Lawson's first appearance at the Cabell Gallery. One look at her bright colors, appealing texture and whimsical landscapes and you'll see why she has her own solo show this month. Her paintings bring joy!


I'll let Sally use her own words, "I am drawn to many different subjects, but the common thread between them is color!! I use bright colors in my paintings and I find great satisfaction in the joy it brings my clients and me. I love the richness of oils and often paint with a heavily loaded brush or palette knife for texture. I find it stimulating to experiment with different styles and techniques, but, again, my colors remain the common thread. Many of my paintings are of the landscape. I am constantly amazed at the beauty and intricacy of God's creation."

I think what draws me to Sally's work is that I can see her influences, be it the colorfield work of Wolf Kahn, or Vincent van Gogh's playfulness, or just a nod to the old Dutch masters' style in her mysterious skies. She can take these influences add her own touch of realism and make something completely her own. I love her different sides (I mean we all have different moods, right?) But the common thread you will find in her work is the color. The joyful color! With her many moods, I bet something she has will touch you. And if you take it home, it can bring happiness for a lifetime!