Julia Lesnichy is one of the best selling artists at Cabell Gallery and it is easy to see why. Arriving here from Russia a decade ago, she wanted to give her son the opportunity at an American education. Her family settled in beautiful Crozet Virginia. Already quite an accomplished painter in Russia, she found herself surrounded by breathtaking inspiration. Her work with both pastels and oils was quickly embraced by the new audience in the United States. Her sweeping views of the Blue Ridge, painted plein air, were snapped up by collectors, and Julia has done nothing but grow and grow her fanbase since.

Julia was born in Leningrad, raised in Moscow, and throughout her life in Russia, was a "city" girl. Perhaps this is why she is so drawn to nature. She is captivated by the colors shes sees depending on the time of the day and season and resorts to oils and pastels to capture these fleeting moments. She often finishes her plein air paintings in her studio in Crozet, which is located in the quiet rural area in Virginia. Julia says that she literally lives in the woods, among the trees, with the tree tops hovering above the house. These trees have always served as a great resource of inspiration when they turn scarlet, bright yellow and glowing orange in the fall.
Julia captures more than the colors of those moments, but she captures the moment, the moment in time with all the sights and smells and emotions. Each time you look at one of her works, you are transported not just to the place, but to the feeling. This is undoubtedly one of the reasons that Julia's work is so popular.