When Kim Hall learned she had been selected as Cabell Gallery’s featured artist for August, she traveled to Rockbridge County and got lost – but don’t worry, that’s just part of the fun and challenge of plein air painting for this Richmond resident.

“I had not spent much time in the area before the show.  I like to get lost and find these out of the way places, they’re getting harder and harder to find”, Kim said of her time exploring our beautiful area and creating many of the paintings showcased.  She saw the view in “Valley Splendor” (below) while driving in Rockbridge County with her faithful dog, Romeo, and pulled over into the parking lot of a shuttered gas station to set up her easel and paints.


Raised in Arlington, VA, Kim’s mother, Ann Hall, was a self-taught landscape painter and very involved in the local arts community. As a child, making art was “just what we did”.  Kim studied art in college and transitioned to art as a full-time career after moving to Richmond, VA.  She feels fortunate that some of her greatest influences include her contemporaries, including Curney Nuffer, another Cabell Gallery artist. 

A veteran of many established plein air festivals and competitions, Kim started painting outside for the first time about 10 years ago. “It really changes the way you see color and light.  You end up picking more of the atmosphere of the scene than you do from a photograph.  It has taught me to be a better painter, a faster painter, and be better able to edit a scene.  As opposed to capturing each detail when painting from a photograph, you get to focus in on what is the big picture of the scene and things that aren’t important you can leave out.”  

Corner of Washington and Main.jpeg