So we just went through the crazy busy time of year here in Lexington. Where the parents and families of all the graduating students from VMI, SVU, and W&L descend on Lexington. Don't get me wrong, we love it! Any opportunity to show off our town to other people we'll take it. 

I NEVER get tired of hearing out-of-towners say, "Lexington! What a wonderful town. I had no idea! You have such a great art vibe here."

Yes :)  We do.

When all the families come for graduation, they come in looking for art that will remind their graduate of their school or maybe just Virginia. Having grown up in Lexington, I can certainly speak for VMI and W&L that their graduates love this town so dearly that many of them grow up to get second homes here, or retire here. Or, like me, just move back to the best place they could find on the planet. 

When picking out a graduation gift, many of the families get what I get. Nothing is a better gift than art. See, some people think you shouldn't buy art for other people. Not true. Especially when it is someone young. When they are graduating and going to live in their own place, perhaps their first apartment, few young adults can prioritize art. It's just not what they are spending their money on yet. But somehow, when they are given art, hanging an original work in their home makes them feel like an adult. There is a right of passage almost to "Now I have more than framed posters of Monet or Bob Marley. Now I have original art." And when that art reflects on a very important time in their life, say, college, that makes you treasure it even more. And you have created an heirloom, perhaps their first. One that their kids and maybe their kids will always know too. The gift giver always like to think that they will be remembered when they give a gift. Well, something as meaningful and permanent as art certainly does that.

At the Cabell Gallery we really focus, not just on Fine Art, but on Fine Art from the central Virginia area. Sometimes even scenes of the schools themselves. I tell you, it's a real kick for me to see a young person get their first real piece. The first of many hopefully. So think about it; if you have a young adult in your life, whether they have graduated or not, maybe it's birthday, Christmas, new baby, or no reason at all, the gift of art is something that you treasure your whole life. And, if it is a work that represents an important time in their life, even more so. Stop by or check out our website. And if you have something specific in mind, tell us about it! Many of our artists would gladly paint you the vision that you have in your head. Talk about a personal gift! People who say that you "can't" give art as a gift don't know what they are missing. Art, it may be the gift they will always treasure the most.