Written by our brand new Gallery Assistant, Shannon.

On my first day as a gallery assistant at the Cabell Gallery, I had the pleasure of unpacking paintings for our upcoming Amy Donahue show. Amy, a Richmond based plein air painter, uses light and color to capture how special and truly beautiful Lexington and rural Virginia are. As I unwrapped each piece I found myself in awe of her brushstrokes and textural quality. I loved advance photos I had seen, but until I saw those paintings with my own eyes I didn't really appreciate the texture and depth. She somehow was able to bring each location to life, whether it was a small 4"x4" view of a Rockbridge County sunrise or the magnificent 26"x60" view of a flowered field. As I looked around at the complete series of paintings I could see that this show will be a treat, not just for anyone that loves Lexington, but anyone who loves beautiful art!