<Painting : Foggy Day in Virginia by Julia Lesnichy (available at Cabell Gallery)>

The world is going to hell in a hand basket! At least it seems like it if you listen to TV, or Radio, or Social Media. Our bridges are crumbling, our glaciers are melting, no one can get a job, college cost more, aging people have less.  If _________ becomes president I’m moving to Canada! It is all pretty stressful. I guess I could just take a Xanax and keep doing what I’m doing, but I have a better idea. Art.

You know, at one time I thought of art as just something to collect, maybe it reminded me of a certain trip, maybe it was cool and I wanted others to see it, or maybe it even matched my couch. Those are all completely acceptable reasons to have art, by the way. But then I discovered not just collecting art, but spending TIME with art. 

Sometimes here at the Cabell Gallery, we will get a student that wanders in from the W&L Law School and says, “I’m not here to buy anything, is it alright if I just look at the art? I just had an exam and I need to decompress.” I love that. What a great purpose that art gets to serve, not just to bring joy…but to bring peace. 

I like to spend time with art. I like trees. I like rivers. I like fields. There are some wonderful paintings of fields here at Cabell Gallery that I can just get lost in, that I can look at and imagine what the wind sounds like as I’m walking through them. Sometimes people say, “Oh I don’t have any more room in my house for art,” (there is no such thing btw) but I will say, “What about your office?” The office is where you could REALLY use a tree, or a river, or a field to get lost in for a few minutes. Try it. When I find myself immersed in a painting of the Blue Ridge Mountains, I may not know all the answers to the world's problems, but I know this; there is no way I’m moving to Canada.