Last month Greg Osterhaus joined our group of wonderful artists at the Cabell Gallery and then promptly sold one of his famed cow paintings in less than a week! We still have a couple of his brilliantly colored landscapes and will be receiving more of his paintings soon, so if you haven't been to the gallery in a while stop by to check out these new additions. 

Greg has been living in Roanoke since age 12 where he still lives and paints in his home studio. Like many of the artists in the gallery, Greg was born with an innate talent and passion for art which his family encouraged throughout his youth. Mr. Osterhaus attended Virginia Tech then tried a career in illustration and spent sixteen years in the corporate world before fully devoting himself to painting. 

While Greg cites some inspiration from Wolf Kahn, Twachtman and John Singer Sargeant, his unique style and use of color reinterpret the visual world using his vivid imagination and a meticulous process of layering paint. Greg is most known for his brilliantly colored cows, which he paints in five hour stretches with ten minute segments. The artist begins his process by choosing several cow photos out of about 1,000 that he photographs each year. These photos serve as his inspiration and point of reference, not necessarily as models to replicate on canvas. During a 2013 interview for the Richmond Times Dispatch, Osterhaus explained that it is "calming to look personally at cows," for their "soulful, restful" demeanor. This calming, personal look at the cows translates to the viewer through each brushstroke and layer of color the artist places on the canvas. 

Greg's landscape paintings are equally as eye-catching with their vibrant color palette and dynamic brushstrokes that encourage the viewer to escape from an ordinary view and delve into the artist's imaginative vision.

To view Greg's work visit his page on our website, visit his personal website and of course, come see it person at the Cabell Gallery!