It's almost our favorite time of the month again: First Friday in Downtown Lexington! On Friday, November 4 from 5:00-7:30 we will be celebrating the work of Roanoke based artist Nan Mahone Wellborn. Nan's color palette and fluid painting style immediately attract attention and create an incredibly soothing aesthetic; I can't wait to see the new paintings she brings for the opening! 

Throughout her youth Nan practiced her talents by painting her mother's flower arrangements, which helped develop the artist's interest in observational painting of light's affect on color and nature. Now, as an established artist, Nan paints primarily plein air landscapes in the Blue Ridge Mountains, using oil as her medium. 

Wellborn's style "captures the immediacy of moment," and infuses traditional themes of reality with a unique, modern color palette to express an emotional interpretation of a sense of  place. Observing her surroundings creates the basis for Nan's work while focusing mainly on the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, through the marshes in South Carolina and all the way down to the Florida Keys. Nan credits Piet Mondrian's early landscapes, Pierre Bonnard, Nell Blaine, Fairfield Porter and Canadian artists, the Group of Seven, with continuously influencing her work. 

"My current work is a response to feelings and moods the constantly changing light creates in the landscape. I want to connect you with an evocative experience. I want you to feel as if you're in that place, at that time, to give you a heightened sense of the warmth, smells, textures, colors, and atmosphere I find in nature."

To see more of Nan Mahone Wellborn's work visit her personal website or you can see what we already have at the gallery on her artist page on the Cabell Gallery website. Nan will be in the gallery for her opening on November 4, so please come by to  say hello, enjoy a cocktail and view her beautiful collection! 

Nan Mahone Wellborn_Fall Painting IMG_3855.jpg