As I've previously mentioned, October marks The Cabell Gallery's 2 year anniversary and the gallery team is so excited to celebrate with everyone on the 7th! Our party will begin at 4:30 shortly before the Arts of Lexington Block Party. We'll be serving cake and one of Cabell's specialty cocktails, of course.   Although there is information about the gallery and the team on our website, I wanted to highlight what is new at the gallery and how it has been evolving over the past two years. 

Cabell Gorman began the gallery to celebrate "beauty, emotion and life through the work of the artists we represent" after recovering from the death of her son, Patrick. Cabell shared her passion for art with Patrick, who was also a gifted artist, and after a year hiatus from painting following her loss she was able to step into the studio and feel connected to his spirit though her own creative expression. Cabell displays her work in the gallery along with other artists that explore the beautiful world around us. While mainly featuring plein air landscape paintings and views of emblematic Lexington buildings, the gallery also offers immaculate sterling silver jewelry by local Lexington artist, Jennifer Letter, amazing glass pieces, pottery and truly unique furniture. Cabell has created an environment in which visitors can browse the gallery or even lounge in our comfy chairs without high pressure or a museum-like silence. The gallery team enjoys simply talking about the art and artists and getting to know the clients in order to create a relaxed experience that is catered to their specific interests. 

Since opening two years ago the gallery has expanded its hours to include Sundays and Mondays and hired a gallery assistant. 

The gallery also welcomed a new curator last fall, Susan Groves. Having beautiful art is important but displaying it in a way that enhances each piece is integral to the sale and client experience. I often hear visitors comment on how great the gallery looks as they browse our collection. I agree! Susan does a wonderful job of displaying the amazing pieces of art in engaging and interesting ways. When I asked about her curating method she said: 

"I try to make it feel comfortable. A place that you'd feel okay just hanging out. You should spend time with art to see what really speaks to you. I rearrange things a lot. Sometimes when you come in you are drawn to one particular piece and everything around it falls away, but then of you come in again and see things in a different arrangement, maybe a piece you hadn't noticed before shines through. Art is that way, it's like they say about love, you'll know it when you feel it. Except art is easier to keep. You can take it with you and have it always. "

The art displayed in the Cabell Gallery is certainly a celebration of life and beauty that reminds all of us to treasure the world around us. We look forward to many more years of providing a space for people to escape to when they just need their "art fix" or when they are looking to fill an empty space in their home! See you Friday! 

"Main Street Twilight" by Amy Donahue 

"Main Street Twilight" by Amy Donahue