I am so thrilled to have Joanna Tyka's art work at the gallery! I saw her business card sitting on the main desk a few weeks ago, and checked out her website then immediately fell in love with her style as well as her zest for life. Tyka's biography on her website describes a fiercely competitive, driven woman with a natural talent and skill to succeed in all of her endeavors. The "Tyka style" is truly identifiable and adds a new, unique aesthetic to the awesome collection at the Cabell Gallery. 

Joanna Tyka grew up in Warsaw, Poland where she developed a passion for music and art at a very young age. Winning her first art competition at age six, Tyka always had a competitive spirit and has been active in skiing, tennis, golf and sailing throughout her life. She cultivated her love of music by frequently attending the Warsaw Philharmonic as a child and all of these early influences continue to contribute to her artistic inspiration. 

Ms. Tyka graduated with honors from the Academy of Fine Arts, an ambition she had as a young child, and then exhibited her work at the prestigious Zacheta National Gallery of Art, a prestigious contemporary art museum located in Warsaw.

Joanna's family emigrated from Poland to Canada and then to France, but she settled in Hamburg, Germany where she could pursue her passion for sailing while continuing to develop her artistic career.  She also contributed her talents to design through graphics, fashion and tapestry. While in Hamburg, Tyka received the Altona Prize and exhibited her work in many museums. 

Seeking new environmental and cultural inspiration, Tyka moved to Miami where her dynamic whimsical aesthetic developed into the "Tyka style" with bright, tropical colors that were translated into themes of Latin America and the Caribbean. This identifiable, unique style led to the development of valuable relationships with fine art societies and galleries within the United States and also in Europe. 

Throughout her career, Tyka has been commissioned to paint pieces for several prominent musical societies and events and has also exhibited her work in shows throughout New York, San Francisco and Miami while also expanding her talents to furniture design. Additionally, Tyka's puppet productions, complete with self-designed stage and theater, have been shown in connection with Barnes and Noble, as well as the Greater Miami Opera. Always expanding her own education and expertise, Joanna also studied at the Gemological Institute of America in Santa Monica, California. 

In addition, Tyka spreads her passion for the arts through teaching and has taught art classes in Germany at the Anthroposofic Institute of Rudolf Steiner and the Volks Schools, in Miami and also in Richmond.

To see her art in person here in Lexington, stop by the gallery but to see her full array of themes visit her website: http://tykaart.com.  



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