It’s easy to feel intimidated by acquiring art, but there is absolutely no need to. It’s not necessary to be well versed in art or artists to know what you like. And that is what building an art collection should be about; surrounding yourself with pieces that you like and make you feel something. What you gravitate to may not be what someone else does. It’s a personal experience, and there are no rules. There are, however, tips! Think about these 6 things next time you are buying art:

1. Love it: Buy what you love, not just what “matches the couch.” Art should evoke an emotion in you, embrace what moves you as you build your art collection.

2. Optimal Acquisition: Buy the best piece or pieces your budget will allow. These are investments that you are going to have forever.

3. Push your Boundaries: If you tend to like a particular style or genre, perhaps you find that you already have those pieces in your collection, explore! Open your mind to something new.

4. Mix it Up: Don’t be afraid to mix it up. Your collection can be diverse: comprised of pieces of varying styles and genres. Your art can reflect your many moods.

5. Trust: Work with a gallery you know and trust. The gallery should have the experience to guide you through the process of acquiring art. You will also benefit from their long standing relationships with the artists they represent.

6. An Experience to Enjoy: Buying art is an experience to revel in. It should never be stressful. Venture into this process of experiencing, selecting and ultimately buying with enthusiasm!