<photo credit: Gail MacLeod>

Lexington in the snow…you are one of the most beautiful sites I have ever seen.  I love the way the snow clings to your brickwork on your old buildings and caps your iron railings like frosting.  You have always been charming, but in the snow you are somehow magical. 
I’m not naive, I know not everyone appreciates you like I do. I know some people say, “Oh the snow looks nice, but I don’t want to go OUT in it. It’s too much hassle.” Really?? They must not remember what it was like to be a kid and play in the show for hours.  So I get some snow on my boots, no big deal.  It’s worth this to be with you when you are so beautiful.
I know there are some who say, “I can’t go DOWNTOWN in the snow, there is no place to park.” These people don’t know that it’s the perfect time to discover downtown Lexington.  So you might not be able to park right in front of where you are going; Lexington is meant to be walked. I have wandered through your downtown, Lexington, and I always find something unexpected. I moved here in 1983 and often I see things that I didn’t know about (or forgot about?) when I walk your streets.
I hope others love you like I do, Lexington. I hope that they appreciate your restaurants, and shops, and quirks. I hope they love walking down West Washington and seeing all the art at the Cabell Gallery and Artists in Cahoots, and the Nelson Gallery. There are so many places a person can find in Downtown Lexington where people show off their talents. For such a small town, I could spend a whole weekend just walking your streets…and yes, even in the snow! People can pop in to the Lexington Coffee Shop for a coffee or hot chocolate, or maybe into Sweet Treats for one of their juicy hamburgers or warm sandwiches. And if they are from out of town they can stay right downtown at the Georges or the R. E. Lee.
Lexington, I’ve never known anyone who visits you that doesn’t fall in love. I hope that more people appreciate all that you have to offer…especially in the snow.