So you want to own original art. Fantastic! Owning art and starting a small collection not only adds a lot of personality to your space, but is often one of the most fun and rewarding investments you can make.  When considering art, look closely at emerging artists. These are the artists that are just getting their careers going. You won’t find them in a lot of galleries; most likely they are marketing themselves or going to art fairs. But if you don’t have the time to hit every art fair in Virginia…the Cabell Gallery of Fine Art is the perfect place for you. We specialize in emerging artists from Virginia. In general, their work is more affordable then well established artists because they don’t have a “name” yet. But this doesn’t mean their art isn’t good. It just means they haven’t been noticed by the “right” people in the art world…yet. 

Buying an emerging artist could get you in on the ground floor of something that will be worth a lot more someday, but remember, that is not why you should buy. Buy what you like, not what is on trend. Buy art because you are drawn to it, and because you will enjoy it being a part of your home. Living with art you love will enhance your everyday life! Smaller and affordable work is the easiest way to start a collection. This could mean a smaller piece by an established artist, a work on paper, or a piece from an emerging artist. There is fantastic art available in everyone’s price range. Stop by the Cabell Gallery to see dozens of artists from this region who make all sorts of works that might connect with you. You can always check out the website, too,