Andre Lucero

There are beautiful works of original art available for any budget, and it enhances the personal bond with your living or working space. Hand-made culture is surging today, and your walls or shelves are a great place to be a part of the movement. Through paintings, drawings, sculpture, photography, or any other form of art, you can express who you are by the things that you love enough to surround yourself with. Art sets a mood that is personalized within each viewer, whether they are a member or guest of your household or office.

Original art becomes an heirloom passed through generations, and has been an investment for centuries that can gain in value. Here at Cabell Gallery we have pieces whose value has already grown to be worth thousands of dollars by established artists (like Andre Lucero), and other works of exquisite quality by young artists who's value is sure to increase from the couple of hundred dollars they are currently priced (like Amy Donahue). You should always buy art that you love, and want to look at every day. It's YOUR home or office. Each acquisition will come with stories you can remember and tell repeatedly to guests about where you found it, who made it, what it is about, and why you love it.

You also have an option of commissioning an artwork of a loved pet (by Cabell Gorman), human family member (by Gary Brady), or a favorite place (by your favorite landscape or cityscape painter). When these things are passed on to future generations they can know more about who you are because of the things you love, and that portrait of your child will one day be cherished just as much by their children or grandchildren. This collaboration between you and the artist brings you into the creative process and is a fun way to further personalize your space.

Another benefit to acquiring original art is you are supporting artists who make sacrifices to follow their dreams, and your investment contributes to the local economy. The love and obsession that artists pour into their work is enjoyed on a higher level by you, the collector, on a daily basis. Your guests will recognize your sophistication, and you are a vital part in encouraging creative people in our community.

At Cabell Gallery we are here to help and support you in making your purchase. We are in this business because we love it, and want to encourage you. Ask questions or for more information about the artists and artwork. We WANT to talk with you because it brings us enjoyment.

These are a just a few examples of why purchasing original art is a noble expenditure. You could fill your space with mass manufactured decorations, and be unaware of where your money goes, or, you can join the movement of supporting our community and fill your space with objects you love and were made by people who loved making them and appreciate you. We need each other.

Amy Donahue