Nimrod Hall Summer Resort and Art Colony

Nimrod Hall. Established in 1783, has been providing summer respite from everyday stress for well over a century. We continue to offer a step back in time, for artists to create, for guests to enjoy and for anyone who stays at Nimrod Hall to experience it’s magic. 

September, 2013, Will Loving and Laura Loe purchased Nimrod Hall from previous caretakers,  Jim and Frankie Wood Apistolas. This is the first time Nimrod Hall has changed ownership since Frankie’s Grandfather, Lewis Wood, purchased the property in 1906 in order to run a summer resort. Please read the information about our beloved place and we hope you will join us some upcoming summer. Our mission is to keep this unique Virginia landmark around for all the people who hold it dear to their hearts. Nimrod Hall is a seasonal summer resort that is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Nimrod Hall is owned and operated by Will Loving and Laura Loe Loving

 216 Nimrod Drive, Millboro, VA 24460,_1783.html