You walked away. That one-of-a-kind piece of art you adored has walked out the door with someone else.  Dejected, you stand in front of the blank space where it used to reside still eagerly grasping your checkbook, wishing and hoping that somehow you might be reunited.  We have all been in this situation before and felt that horrible sinking feeling of losing something that you would have cherished.  As a gallery curator, I see this happen more often than you might think.  A client walks in the door and their eyes lock onto one piece. They spend the next few minutes walking around the gallery halfheartedly looking, while glancing over their shoulder for another glimpse of THE piece they are in love with.  That same client walks out the door with those all important questions running through their minds: Is this in my budget? Where will I put this? Do I really feel this strongly about that piece?  A few days later they come back in, I meet them at the door and see the eagerness in their eyes. “I’m ready to buy that piece,” they say.  “I’m sorry, it sold.” I reluctantly tell them.  “Is there any way…Does the artist…I can’t believe it, I loved that piece.”  

The Mantra:

See it, Like it, Buy it.  These deceptively simple words were told to me by dear family members who had felt this despair more than once before.  Right about now, you might be scoffing and thinking that’s too easy, just see it, like it, and buy it, yeah right. What about my budget? My color scheme? Etc. Etc.  Well, I would say that I once agreed with you, but have since seen the beauty in such a mantra.  Of course the logistics must be thought about, they are important, but what I have found to be equally important is that a piece of art gives you an emotional reaction. You intuitively feel a connection to it, it reminds you of something or someone in your past, or reveals a new feeling or emotion you didn’t know was hidden inside you, or perhaps you just like it. These feelings and emotions deserve a voice in the decision making process.  Think about your budget, but also think about how this piece of art might change your life, your daily routine, or make you smile at just the right moment.  Trust your intuition, don't over think it, and whatever you do, don’t walk out the door without it!  See it, Like it, Buy it.  

Happy hunting my friends!