Everyone knows we have to start somewhere. And Cabell Gallery is doing just that: jumping into both a physical existence as a gallery of fine art (located in Lexington, Virginia), and online as a gallery of the same. The good news is that - like most fine art galleries - what a client can purchase does not necessarily need to exist in the physical store in order for it to be appealing and, therefore, purchasable.


Regarding the physical gallery

Cabell Gallery, like a piece of art, is in the process of being created. The Gallery is being converted from a hair salon, and sits next door to a building which doubles as a hotel and fine dining restaurant. Fitting, yes? We will be uploading certain pictures soon that demonstrate this ongoing process so that our eventual customers can see our progress.


Regarding the online presence of Cabell Gallery

Similarly, we have been "under construction" now going on 2 weeks.  Part of that construction process looked like the picture to the left shows. A slew of Apple products (laptop, ipads and iphones) heavily utilized in the creation process. What we are imagining is the creation of an internet presence that is attractively supportive of what our artists have created: fine art. (click here to see Cabell Gallery home page)


Our Artists

Regarding the above mentioned, as we've been building, we've been uploading the artwork of our fine art artists.  At this point our artists include the likes of Andre Lucero, Christopher Wynn, Laura Loe, David Camden, and of course, Cabell Gorman. We are thrilled to say the least, as the gallery at this point in time is poised to be showing works from these awesome artists which will include oil paintings, watercolor, clayworks, and glass.


This is only the beginning

As one might expect, this is our first step.  Although a big step, we plan on taking many more, including the addition of more artists and more styles with more mediums being used: such as jewelry just to name one.


Our recommendation

Take a look at some of the amazing pieces we will be / are representing. Find an artist to follow if you haven't already discovered them. Here, at Cabell Gallery.


And as always, please let us know what you think!