We've made it - Cabell Gallery was open for its first set of weekdays, and now leading into our first weekend. Super busy already, and we are pleased. Remember, we are open on both Saturday and Sunday, so come on by and say Hi!

Our weekend hours:

  • Saturday  11:30-6:30ish
  • Sunday   11:30-2

Another landmark event happened today: we had our very first event - the Lexington Gallery Walk. (Can see at LexingtonGalleryWalk.com). Between 75 to 100 people made their slow way thru our fine art, partaking of some provided snacks and wine along the way. We got to meet and greet some very unique souls - glad to have made your acquaintance! We hope we left a very good impression on those who passed our way. And may they find their way to this website!

On the supporting website side of things, we added our newest artist - Dick Fowlkes - and a few of his oil paintings (more yet to come). We also uploaded more art for another of our newest artists: Charles Hall, and his glass art pieces.

By the way, Before and After pictures (of this building) are coming soon.  As always, we look forward to seeing you or hearing from you.